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All right hello um hold on I got a tweet about this good do do do hello hold on I'm just tweeting this out because, you know everybody follows my Twitter hey follow my Twitter by the way thought that one person, over that one person is come check out my Twitter all right thanks okay just tweeted that out all right was up. One person watching this stream its just typing real quick alright huzzah because watching guys also if you think the Hat look ugly just um there's got to deal with it cuz the. Hat is kind of a thing now on the stream. And also if you see a little 21 in this corner somewhere up in the corner that, is my live subscriber count' I got my license grabber count up here and just so what I mean yeah I'm just gonna hope that that goes, up to a 22 in this stream but who knows I don't know who all is going to watch. This stream yeah also for the one person watching I'm going to be doing these streams every Monday and Friday maybe Wednesday is depending on how much you guys, want me a stream in depending on how much I want to see him, so just Monday and Friday I'm going to be streaming I mean yeah that's basically basically it Monday. Friday I'm streaming for sure Wednesday's I might be streaming just depends on the situation but yeah that's what's, happening now and you feel if you're wondering about the title right now okay i titled it. Fidget spinner agario you will find out all right once I'm gonna wait a bit see if more. People join if I get to people I will start doing it I don't.

Know going the live chat man just who was watching going chat please I want to know who was watching this I mean also I, planned on making this stream some sort of challenge that involves me and Dominic he wouldn't text, me back though so I mean I don't I don't know what that's about but yeah so maybe next stream maybe on Friday, there will be some sort of challenge stream with Dominic and those challenge streams would normally be like challenges that wouldn't really be that interesting to like put in a video so I. Would just be putting that in the stream as that would be because. You know I don't want to waste a video you know if I can do a video on something I, want to do a video on that something but if it's just something I'm never going to do a video on I normally put it in the, stream that's just how I do things but yeah you know we got a bunch of, people watching this stream you know one person I know I'm so famous who is the one person watching I don't think, the one person is even watching I think they just, turned on the stream and then left because they because seriously yeah I don't so the name of the game they were going to be playing is I think Ben's spins dot. IO spins that IO it's basically agario but you're a fidget spinner and the whole objective of. The game is you pick up little orbs instead as you're finished Center and the more orb you collect the faster your spin and then, you will hit other people that are going slower and they will. Kind of explode into more orbs and then you pick up those orbs to get even faster so that that's just I know it's a it's a really. Weird game but, that's what we're gonna be playing today and yeah seven minutes in this game no one's running it Donna texting you guys I'm texting please see so that he hasn't. Answered me at all he hasn't answered like any of my, texts it's annoying answer me okay right okay you couldn't see any of that but he read one of them right here. You can't see it it's just too bright but you read one of them it's get lonely Finn, Oh got another watch all right two people maybe downtrend um did you do do why hello there people watching all right well we got two people now since we got, two people they're not going on the chat so might just be two accounts I don't know man so we got two people watching. So since we have two people watching I am just I, said that two people watching I am just going to put my face cam okay there's gonna be a problem make it more. Into the middle here all right all right all right and then this guy right here it's going up. Left corner okay everything's good all right all right she has an entire entire thing all right we're. Good let me just see like look how ugly this microphone is it's like a ball it's so ugly I'm acting like I've talked about, that before but really I haven't talked about this ugly microphone like ever it it's a good quality microphone with editing and, stuff but it's just just not amazing it's, it's not ugly okay Dane you have joined um what we're doing we're playing you know the greatest game on the planet we're, playing spin zo it's a fidget spinner game whoa well it's what's it oh man ooh I want to earn I, want to earn a skin I want to earn a skin let's get this skin. This one looks pretty sick give me it yeah lit all right some that skin now eyes are doing free-for-all okay okay it's, like I'm a fitness trainer mm-hmm and then I go around collecting these little orbs and I'll get faster than more orbs I collect. As you can see here and these servers are horrible just sorry about that I was gonna be really lucky. But yeah if I'm moving faster than somebody I will try to hit them he's moving pretty fast. Okay what oh did I hit him oh man I hit him see and then if they're going so much fat faster than you then you will explode, into a bunch of more orbs that makes sense dude to do to do, and these are like a little warp things Hey and the only reason I know about this game is because they were playing. It on GT alive and I, was like hey I have to do this too I don't know what GT Live is it's game theory but it's live so they didn't, just play games but but it's live so basically what it is and yeah I see like these a little warp thing Haven moving really fast I'm getting out of here no he is, going to try and kill me, and I don't want that no no I really don't know all right don't text and spin dudes it's bad for your health okay all. Right no I'm not kidding you it's clearly a cash grab what do you mean a cash, grab oh okay you're not talking about the stream talk about the game yeah it was real it though oh oh I hit him I'll see like I slowed down but like. It, didn't hit me hard enough for me to like literally die I mean this is the latest game list this is the best all time and this guys are gonna try and destroy me, so I'm just gonna chill over here. Oh oh oh no no no many people are what three got three people watchin like my own video that's how I roll all right lay it is it's lit it's, all right have to be quiet in these streams oh my I have to. I have to be quiet any streams because I'm doing this when eating my dog to sleep I don't want to wake him up, cuz that's just a nightmare for everybody so either my dogs asleep or yes basically, I don't want to wake up the dog or if my if everybody else and my family is asleep I don't wanna wake them up either so I'm just being a good, person and trying not to wake everyone. Up just because I decided to stream at night so so yeah so the goal for the stream so my goal for the stream around here is to, get to the leaderboard I want to get into the top ten so I have, to get where spinner Eno is right now Oh crud see look at that, oh my gosh what is that oh what's this 21 for um the 21 is my live subscriber count' so I just put, it up there it doesn't say it's live subscriber count' but that's what it is it's my subscribers was, just really a show is how small this channel see if I had posted consistently since I started uploading on YouTube if I had uploaded consistently since then I would probably make, better videos could I have more experience and I would have so many more subscribers and more people watching my, videos because the more you. Upload the more subscribers you get because the more videos you have the more the recommended people and the more people are going to check them out you know I'm, saying so if I had uploaded consistently since like six maybe like, seven months ago I would have way more subscribers than I have right now which makes you kind of sad because my fault which is why I'm sorry kind of streaming now because sometimes it's hard to upload. These videos consistently with the amount of, perfection the edits have to have so what I'm adding it everything has to be perfect I just spawned on that guy everything has to be perfect and sends. Everything for me has to be perfect it takes a few days to edit a single video. And then on top of that I have to come up with a video idea and I just cannot come up. With video ideas I have the longest writer block writer's, blocks on the face of the earth so white so first it takes me like a week or two to come up. With a video idea a few days that edit it and about like two hours to make the thumbnail so that just makes me and on top of. That sometimes all should be like I don't want to record a video today so on top of that that's adding like. Another week on to the you know like a lot of time since it was. That I uploaded so I just now that I'm streaming I'm motivated to upload more and I am uploading, more because by doing these streams you're getting essentially more videos that are really long so it's just. A great system so what even I have a question okay see mmm never mind I'm, not I'm not gonna ask that question oh yeah my horrible schedule so yeah since I am doing these live streams that motivates me more and you guys are getting more video so. I think it's just a great system so thank Dominic that heeta live streamed that one day because, I gave me the idea to start live streaming I never thought about it, I never thought I did I should totally just start live streaming you know I didn't think of it. Till Dominic livestream at one time and now I'm live streaming so Thank You Dominic for doing that because that really gave me some good ideas. Oh no oh no oh Jeremy were 15 oh my god no no I was over 1500 were so close earlier, bored there oh hey what's up donek what am I talking about I, was talking about how I have a trashy upload schedule and the fact that these live streams have kind of evened out my upload schedule because when, I'm live streaming you're essentially getting like really long videos more often, so when I'm not uploading I just do these live streams and then that just kind. Of fills the void you know and also for wondering what that 21 is up in this corner. Over here that's my life sub count I figured out how to put the live sub count up there so that is and I was also, thanking you for live streaming that one day cuz Viet live streaming that one day I wouldn't be alive streaming right now and I wouldn't have had that idea so thanks for letting, me steal. Your idea to livestream it's been really helpful but if you want to see the whole little kind of tangent I went on um you just kind of rewind back yeah I just I, don't have anything else to, talk about it really now I'm number 29 also donek is just kind of like my journey to a leaderboard so like I'm, number 40 right now but if I keep collecting these orbs we get faster I almost got to leaderboard I got to number like I. Got to 15 on the leaderboard and I got to 15 in then. Somebody who was going crazy fast there's somebody that was actually on the leaderboard killed me so that was nice number 28 right now okay okay did I'm listening to myself talk right now because of the delay, this is really weird how many people are watching three people dang it as soon as Dominic joined either as. Soon as Donna joined he left or somebody else left as soon as he joined I was hoping with four. People but it's not so did you, leave Dominic you tell me there are 23 I'm getting there I'm getting there. I have literally zero kills I have killed zero people Mad Dog Mad Dog please no okay I don't want to hit that guy. Even though hitting that guy will help me get to the leaderboard I'm not a bad person um that guy is just kind of launching about hey how about I hit you yup thanks. Yup thanks alright grabbing all these all these little, orbs thank you you have my thanks get out here get out here I'm trying to eat your body that sounds, horrible I mean that's essentially what's giving ding okay sorry what are you saying Oh for Dominic come back to me come back man says, 43 people on the server no I think there was like I, don't know how many people are on a server man there's not many cuz there's a lot of, people if there was a lot of people on here then I wouldn't be seeing the people on the leader board every 4 seconds Jim Sam dude did you just picking up these orbs. Minding my own business nobody trying to kill me cuz that's not very nice of you um yeah see. And also Dominic if you're still here I was. Talking about in the beginning of this dream for you and Dan were here was, that this video was gonna be some sort of challenge involving me and you Dominic some sort of challenge I wouldn't, make into a normal video cuz it just wouldn't be that good as a normal video but you wouldn't respond to any of my texts so I just didn't even. Text you about it all cuz I knew you weren't going to respond so f1 do that like Friday. Next time I stream you should totally do that. Because I don't not just should totally do that cuz I if it weren't for and GT alive I wouldn't have, had the idea for this life shame so and I'm number 15 again I'm just really trying to surpass potato but I'm not gonna surpass potato without killing some people so I'm gonna have to, start doing that now it's something long something wrong I'm gonna be able to. Get past the number Ten's now cuz they're like not as high as I want to do it boys oh there's, another player I'm player I'm the one and only. Player get out of here heck yeah all right all right click those orbs cut those arms bloop-bloop t doopty soup oh that guy is going on rampage Oh get out of here all right is that me, you're my owner yes I'm number 9 leaderboard yeah I made it. To of the leaderboard that was actually really easy way easier I thought would be because there's not many people on the. Server but now it's road to number one I'm trying to get to that number one spot try and knock meme out of here. I don't think anybody's got a knockout meme I mean like. Seriously he's at 21,000 rpm ah they do below home is that 5 like 6000 so I don't think, anyone they didn't do there oh no no no no no dang it I got knocked off leaderboard alright, come on come on I got to get another one now number 1 oh my god oh you're bored I gotta getta number 1 alright come on come on where are some people I think. They're supposed to be like a Mac in the lower corner. Right now but I cannot see a map and I totally should have tried to. Get that guy it's like if the map was actually you know working then oh no and also sorry about, how ugly this microphone is it's literally a just a ball and that makes it super ugly so if I had like a blue Yeti that would look kind of fine in front of. My face but since it's not a Yeti it's you know a ball that is essentially just as good as,. The blue Yeti it's a boy cheaper and so much uglier I mean the only thing the only reason I. Would want the Yeti is because it's just um it's just cuz it looks better and it doesn't hurt to look at so yeah so it looks really ugly I'm sorry about that but it does produce some. Good good quality sound as long as I am uh as long as I'm editing the sound it produces it. Gives some good quality stuff and I'm really really mad about I don't know if I want, to play this anymore actually a hum you know what you know what I'll play. I'm real – just a game right this one if this one doesn't work it's always wrong wait how we do fidget spinner ASMR yeah you like that, okay play. Roblox I will do actually can I'm hoping this laptop can like actually support roblox it probably won't but you know know what who. Knows I'll play roblox just mess around let's mess around some roblox it's a free thing right roblox is free just sign in. Okay well um I can't be showing any you guys my gender if you know I'm saying so, I got a just gotta cover up this stream gotta cover up this stuff here so let's go like that is that, good alright alright alright I'm gonna do the one name that nobody has because it's really stupid alright there we go David yes they do yes they do oh wait no, they don't there we go do I really have to tell you my birthday man okay why don't tell you, all the stuff I don't know why um yeah sure same password we become YouTube famous, now seeing those ro boxing up then woke up if you know it sends my dog by, the way um here yeah I'm gonna do some some paracord how about, what's all what's a cold Oh what's it called um that'd be in sports probably be in sports popular it's gotta be popular what's ah what's called, speed run speed run speed nope that's not how you spell speed, you know I should probably make this Lots smaller now if you know what I'm saying if you know what I'm saying you might know what I'm saying if. You can hear of course then you should probably know what I'm saying alright I'm gonna stop now all, right listens good fine I just hold on let me just okay okay there we go okay good we good all right um all right. Let's play some role blacks speedrun this Bieber in for I mean. It's obviously the most popular one over here yeah I know I remembered I remember I webcam up Kim's over here it's Bieber info for faux speedrun for stammering so what why. Didn't you make me download install it in the first place. I mean really um my brother's when I get on this computer since this isn't my. Computer he's gonna get on he'd be like what the heck is roblox what it's fine though, should I turn on some music in the background Dominic I didn't care about your question, anymore that is not how you spell your okay that should figure your stuff that all right hold on let me just correct you real quick and. Then I will answer your question okay then I will answer your question right that's how you spell your. Fam all right no sorry I'm being mean yes I am playing roblox because I got to the leaderboard on this video spinner game and then I got knocked out and then I, died so – watching now whatever mate spell what wrong yeah I'm playing I'm playing roblox gobbled up remember. My choice for roblox Dominic. Please don't leave I mean to be mean trying to be mean do can sorry oh my goodness what is okay what is what why why is this me how do I move and do. Things all, right this is our move and do things in space how you jump spaces how you jump all right let's go this is my focus, face alright speed run let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go come, on I got this I got this oh oh no what is this oh goodness gracious no no I forgot to jump I forget what a watery death, I don't think that's a good thing I don't think you wonder to ward things award people for dying well first. To put space-stay okay no someone left again okay to do to our suppress the jump button this time there we go you've got it. You got it fam you got it fam squad all right jump nope nope that's not that, isn't how you do this actually actually actually no okay all right I'm gonna get you I'm gonna get you wee wee oh heck yeah beat you fam. Get out of here what am i doing oh my gosh also start about this horrible camera angle. Alright it's not my fault, it isn't my fault yeah I mean really it really is my fault but I mean let's just let's go. Come on I got a beat this the first level I mean come on I'm not allowed to be this horrible of video games unless it's call duty because that didn't make. Any sense what even he doesn't mm-hmm you don't speak English you liar okay hey wait Dominic Dominic you wanna um in the next stream oh, I did it I did, it yes in the next stream out of the the stream with me uh I go there or do I go. In here I'm assuming I go in here oh I'm the cacti one ooh with all the cacti I remember oh my god we're, both pathetic oh my gosh geez why isn't it moving why won't it move H now I can move there we go alright, yep all right cool thanks Tom I want you why can I not why can I can why can I not do this there we. Go I did it there we go there we go nope, oh no no no no no no oh my gosh there we go I got, this let's go see him let's go fam squad we got this we got this you got this what's up yes is that, all all right I'll be there in about 30 minutes CFM only me and Dane will know what what that conversation was about how long have I been going who's for watching. Yeah it's a milestone did my subs go up no my subs did not go up, all right darn whoop whoop, whoop skit up okay okay okay dude that's a master speedrunning right there wait do I want to click this thing yeah all right. There we go what does that guy doing oh oh my only my arms just fell, off for nope yeah um that was that was Dane don't like that was Dane Dane just called me wondering why Dane called me he wanted um, he wanted a boneless pizza with a coke so I told him I'd be there about 30 minutes. I just got a bloop I just got a bloop I just got a blue pill quick and then oh my goodness she's got a bloop real quick and, then he will have his pizza so when you said boneless pizza I immediately thought of the phrase I've got, a bone to pick with you and I was, like what but then I realized that he said but most pizza and I was like oh that makes sense and I. Just literally flew in midair oh my gosh I think I'm gonna start doing these streams a little bit earlier in the day because I want to be able to be a little bit. Louder and I just flew again sorry Dom I just rejected you I'm so sorry hey, what's up um yes not from, French okay um is that all sir I don't think I'm going to be able to do that sir because I am NOT a qualified therapist, yes you tubers are not qualified therapists just to let you know just a little inside fact right, there I'm getting far I'm getting far I'm getting far how do I know oh my gosh so I didn't rage I threw my headphones because I didn't want to, yank my phone off the alpha desk then I just did that like for I just got back in my chair, oh my god oh my gosh I did it didn't. Know it doesn't know ya didn't jump so why ya what's the deal with what did I just do oh. My gosh is it is it really that why I gave man no it's I got some green stream health up here yeah it took me, a whole hour and a half to, make that really you tube crash oh my gosh just like the first time you took crashed for me and like a really long time yeah you're livin watching, dang it Dane I trusted you I thought you were my friend and now I'm back on the first. Level I'm skipping I'm skipping you need 25 more grow bucks to buy the skip level product would you like to buy, more robux yeah well I'm gonna I'm gonna beat this level so hard I'm gonna beat this level in in like four seconds it says there's. Only one person it says there was only one person on the stream and that was Dominic yeah now there's, two the Adamic left the call man oh, well I heard beeps so I thought that meant do you left yes boom did it first strike oh oh. It's cause Danes calling me well I'm accepting Danes thing it was up wait wait my sub went up. Wait dump nice and my steps went up my subs didn't go up do blyer um no I. Dominic said that my subs went up but my subs didn't go up actually wait wait maybe they did wait wait me my subs. Did go up hold on no they didn't Dominic you lied to me I trusted you no I'm talking to I was I was calling Dominic and now I'm calling you now yeah I. Know it's um here I'm gonna put, you on speaker don't say anything I said 30 minutes by the way this is not, loading very fast excuse you sir Dominic Dominic Dominic Dominic it's it's your it's your it's your look at the, Chad look at this look at this stream the stream ception oh you like the Hat some beautiful wait seriously I can see that I see that, is it no no was it the streams ending because dang it it takes like a few seconds .