Kugeln.io Mod

alright guys welcome to my livestream if you want to join the server it's in the description . Anybody wants to join us the link is in the description I'm honestly just bored. Enough to just follow your friend I could probably pop – but I don't care like in one piece just get your blog yeah I did or what how. Do you even pops but if it just beads I, don't think he knows them doing a live stream . You you we'll shake my head it doesn't have to be sold well we're really playing in a private server out of everything, this server we just play together have fun , Oh what popped on it either way that's great. How many shots does it take the popper fighters I don't even know what it's set out to be honest with you guys I had to do that for fun why, me hey both of you [Applause] our shy, okay wanna take it from ten shots to freaking seven shots that you should be president actually. Annoying his help to do it ten times you two teams [Applause]. just watch so many people sit on them till something happens either there's going to be an afk. Pot somewhere dude doesn't it thing all day something else oh my god guys , sure I'm bored of solo right now oh crap that was that leg away.

you may split when you see the bus we were just stop popping, pop your piece well especially if you're in a delete server like this you're probably populist a lot but if you're in a. Regular server with isn't so much delay you'd probably be popping the other. Person I really oh there's a virus directly under me he tried to do a vanish.

That was just that was not a good position to do that Oh what , me we're gonna eat these pieces, like it or not what hi Co Bo I guess ah you tried the puffs but it didn't work, oh slightly off there I think that come on now I can't do anything yeah, absolutely going to be a bitch Oh stupid BOTS down there just hovering around a bit the biases look who's gonna try to. Pop you but the thought was just annoying hyah like it's hard to realize how, lucky you are because all those BOTS that are just going past you and I have the potential to either. and I'm guessing now you're screwed that wasn't even your kill that was the bot here ed basically yep rip oh jeez, I spawn in the first thing I see is rip well that was. Very ironic but Oh but , [Applause] spot is so freakin annoying man jeez Oh No off every other he splits what the, and I just pump itself oh god maybe I should have aimed for it. A little bit one ah virus just spawn yeah I hate that so much [Applause]. Ah buy it all right and while now I'm about to lose all these pieces because of odd stupid think pop for virus zombie [Applause] yeah it's around the same here. Anyways five and I got no sleep guys and.

Would be we had my last I stayed up the night before had barely had any sleep so I'm, tired as but I'm still streaming [Applause] yeah they're watching this oh my god hey hey being limited to viruses, know where to move you're basically screwed all this is so delayed literally hurting my freaking head thinking, about how delete this is oh my god I'm cornered again guys what the am I supposed to do oh my god he splits, and then that that guy's gonna eat, him anyways next to that other BOTS there too I must have just stupid enough to go into him like. That yep oh look surprise I got cornered and this is what happens everybody tries to go from you at once oh I need to wake, up I swear to God probably half a week, right now I was actually gonna go to bed an hour ago but then I wanted to get my video uploaded and. Then some you guys wanted me to stream I saw in my endless juice tomorrow I'll feel a lot better than again what the hell he's he's just going into the other but. Why how am I supposed to get any mass but to just suiciding injure each other like that . nothing and just levitate I'm gonna get cornered again this, is such a new way to kill people though they can't do anything now and you're about. To recombine – that's that's amazing I'm happy I can't do now got me into the corner again get do anything , are those bitches recombining too soon oh my god he's getting fed now this is bull you're. The unlucky motherer dude if you, pop me we're all gonna die why you pop yourself there okay Oh puppies oh my god is 16 right now, okay doesn't look like I can go anywhere now because I got this annoying bot just following me from the single piece come on now I'm getting delayed when I try to, move away from the virus it's probably the one thing I'm like and sakes and get inquired okay I need some.

Way to bump this idiotic retarded artificial apologies that he doesn't know how to do, anything but just stay there in one piece and just follow you around the back , ah when viruses spawn right for you like sponge right in my path the .

Can't do that spawned right in my path that little bitch jeez oh there's another one now, all my car actually I can't do anything elk is like a virus the spawning right right girl Oh, on why do I keep merging no I don't want to merge okay stop merging do them in 16 pieces oh my god and I.

Stopped bed to the point where I was Auto splitting tired and it wasn't paying attention, to my mass think your boy atomic, will needs some I almost split myself because it was Tiger shade I actually read it like the first time I read what you said I thought you said why did you oh how to split, yourself I'm just tired I'm not. Even paying attention to my maths it's trying to split but nope it delayed oh my god I actually, need to get a better surfer than this guy's and her house somehow adapt to the delay please tell me listing Autosports oh my god it does right, how big is my piece oh no guys what the man that just spawned right in my path what the good are you kidding me I could shove my finger up my butthole and you want its 208 and tired guys I'm in tired as hell i'm not streaming this until maybe tomorrow when I'm gonna wait I'm not I can in sleepy as don't expect me to give two s internal week and then I'll try to stream and maybe upload either something anyways thank you guys for watching the stream or whatever I'm tired I don't even remember my damn lines like I even have any anyways bye.