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Hey guys I wanna thank you guys for all support you guys are amazing and happy plus Thank You Man I'm glad that makes up my day now if you're new to my channel please give a like a subscribe. You'll be grateful and hello and yeah we're here and a lot. You know I'm starting to learn Russian and the first words I know is thank you and it's called, spasiba it's possible I feel like I may say that I don't know but hopefully sooner or later I could you know speak in Russian and. I can tell you guys what I'm saying and stuff with that hopefully I also learned thank. You but like um no no bye and I'm like yeah isn't thank you two words not one, it is two words you oh I don't know how about that paused I don't know how I'm so sorry he was in the chat can someone, tell me I'm so sorry I didn't know I'm Tina, who isn't here's in chat it's possible good I'm glad you're here now if you're new to the channel please give a like it subscribe it would be helpful, they'll be helpful, for me I'm helpful will be helpful for this channel of course all right whoo it is there anybody new in the chat as if, he do please send me a song if you have a channel or something for me something not new yeah well of course you are I'm. Talking about like the channel like is there, anybody that never ever ever ever ever heard of this channel before that is in the chat I mean like. New people really new people people that haven't been here yet yeah now that's now I'll be a good name for you man ow. My ears they cry and everything okay yeah my ears what's up savage pokemons I I think you're new here are you like are you new to this. Channel or if you if you are new it'll be great if I hit it'll be great if I. Hit what if it would be great if we if I make it through 1k before the end, of the summer so if you haven't subscribed please do it'll be. Here real helpful and I'll give a shout out huh I'll be glad to give you a shadow um I'm gonna give, a shout-out to savage Pokemon give the dude a like a subscribe I like to his videos and stuff like that and I'm also gonna give another shout. Out Wow thank you and oh my ears, crap and I want to give a shout out to Archer give I like to UM subscribe I just came by to. Say hey Carlos did he watched a video I made okay give a like to his videos and subscribe to our church spear because, he's a good dude and he's better than me on BT P that's a true fact he's pretty much better he really. Is so don't don't forget to do that for him you're welcome I did watch it buddy that you made thank you and don't and if you're new. To the channel please give a like subscribe it would be great if we.

Hit 20 likes and it'll be great if we hit 1k before the end of the summer and, what's up it's me Mario for likes that's good tipper Jessica video almost made me cry oh oh dude I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I really am I I, didn't want I'm glad you under I'm glad you understand my Pokemon go, everyday um yeah bad idea because if you want myself keep being killed then out rather not fine now it's a joke and plus I do not play pokemon. Go I used to for a while but then my phone was pitchy and it didn't really work so, I just decided I decided. To give up on it curious he was the camera man / woman it was my mom my mom was my mom that's funny that's a funny not sure. Um it was a my mom it was my mom okay they really want. To kill my ears my ears are bleating oh oh man me too then oh oh uh you're. Hit by a car ouch do you know why Batman is not not Superman wipe last time. You sold me you do you think you can make a video on a date huh night I mean I can make. It at night okay I just I thought it would be better if I I can't go to bed and now felt like to do that and II D if you're new to the channel which.

I'm pretty sure you are please subscribe it, would be great and if any of you guys want any shout outs or anything I'll be glad I'll be glad to shot it give give people some shout outs I just. Can't go to bed okay I'm sorry hmm who is this I said I think you're new and if you're. New please subscribe shout out one play one prayer yeah um I want, to give a shout out to salvage savage Pokemon I want to give a salad I want. To give a shout out ok thank vids on COC my mp3 instead.

Of streams still streams them will be uploading edit vids they'll be interesting I bet huh it's because I can't say it like oh okay and Rio I'm not telling oh I'm a whole thing. I say is I'm from the United States I'm not going to tell you where I live and I want to give,, a shout to salvage Savage pant pokemons and if he has videos like please like to his videos and subscribe to the dude here's her YouTube crush what what do you mean yeah I don't know I don't, know why you're talking about me, having YouTube crush I'm thinking to myself why the heck yeah well I should only know that you live on earth too man everybody does all, right we're doing good well if you want me to do videos on BTP clash of clans and slow Thoreau I'll. Be glad to do it this is my last message I have to go but hoping about it Thank You, Man thank you I'm a magical unicorn can i ice up to you man. I'm Wow I I hate the ads my ears are bleeding not exactly but yeah doping.

Pretty funny but like it hurts my ears it should hurt yours more if you have headphones on which I do not but sometimes I do and it hurts a lot I miss a tiny little. Speck do you want to know. How how to get reviewers and subscribers how how exactly how ad oh come on pink fluffy streaming helps my first stream is a second popular thing on my channel and you owe on your channel give, you ideas do video games and stream does house streams do help, help a lot Aldi over quality but try not both super well what oh I know you talk I know you're, talking about no I was almost attacked by a tiny little change what simple you need to hook well I. Do minecraft yeah okay I can't stream though cuz I use McDonald's Wi-Fi and it's. So crappy McDonald's Wi-Fi is terrible um no no what that that's a little too unsettling pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows pink fluffy unicorns that's what makes it good all right. What good I what I'm wondering what are you thinking about what to say if you are take, your time pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows pink fluffy unicorns dancing on dancing on rain al next time please get, better super what's your favorite game you should try my favorite purple, egg salad that since poisonous do you don't want to contact me i gmail oh okay like YES on this email. Um sure thanks Luffy unicorns getting on Nathan on rainbows hurts I think I died inside my ears are dead I literally feel like I'm, dead your defense smells like oh come on this noise it's so, annoying it's so loud what Apple are using the stream I'm using a whitey gaming yeah exactly the second I, said that you said that I like trains we don't we don't we don't we don't we. All face is gone come on this is getting weird hi what's up okay yeah alright that's good we I'm coming up big boy hmm it's getting um is there, anybody else is is there anybody new just wondering yo yo what's up 21 savage your new. Of course hello if I start streaming can I'll try what's up 21 savage 2ne1 and if you're new, to Channel please give a like a subscribe and I'll give anybody shout outs just tell me now do it I like. Turtles Thank You Man over here it's like 1:55 it's one 55-year a.m.. So I'm like Dracula I stick Dracula stays up all night and sleep starting today how funny I'm gonna pop some tags and I got twenty. Twenty dollars in my pocket twenty million dollars in, my pocket [Laughter] Ching no yeah exactly its 1:56 over here now we it's morning over there interesting over here it's 157 a.m. gosh I'm on Europe no oh gosh man, I know what's up now China's dead interesting, I'm glad you're I'm glad you're here with us well I've just said Asia many go got any kind of got it right the hi Pakistan interesting name we, I'm a magical pony he going leader lethally and I may actually in the stream soon cuz I need to.

Go to bed maybe I don't know Here I am I'm I'm sorry, I'm ending it so soon it's only like 30 min 10 I'm like I can't take these ads and I'm getting really tired my back hurts of me bending while playing all playing this game from, my bed and we'll have to go and, I'll see you guys later if you're new give a like it subscribe. I'll be making some more streams tomorrow peace out good I .