Kugeln.io Hacked

Nothing and we live what is going on guys I'm Kazmir as you can see and no jail whitey yeah I got the god katana no you're not top the leaderboard 22 kills right stop seriously seriously. Stop I will kick you I swear if you break my windows. What's up whip stop what's it can you help me out oh oh, how are you tube with a brand new video well are you recording or streaming is anyone watching boys I don't know there's some, guy right there and I want to take them out don't yes I gotta go you yeah gotta go, back to the base boy games plus a roblox stream Oh because we change if you do I will change yeah if I die I die yes yes. And I swear to God if I die by you okay I'm rich, I'm gonna die there's a turret down there it's mine killing me well where is it just black down near where I am and. I died there's no time oh my hand on that fire why is there just a really oh, I'm gonna die help help help help help help no no no this will, take a bad turn if I die early did you die nah he's good at guitar off so I'm gonna take him on I'm gonna and I'm gonna and I don't care if I, die I'm gonna I got me.

I'm like a god I got 7,000 food if I die I'm gonna be really pissed off yes got him Oh whoo.

Help me Daniel hell we Daniel don't we Daniel help me Daniel yeah hi I hate people. That just go in with just just across just a boy right yes I'm dead 25 kills off the Carson hickley Carson. Aider just kill this Dawson Hyde Keynes you're dead I'm gonna make a I'm editing a video at the moment on Lulu I recorded it like. Two hours ago been on tonight and basically it's just I made animal farm and we got like I was in a clan and we. Got all of the animals we got like all of, them you go clipper yeah I know and is there someone behind me oh there is go back to the base. Is trying to do stuff I can tell come on buddy say what you got no right you can stay there Oh what okay I was, hunting for a nice animal squawks damn it I got this no come down to me no I need to get my thing working, condemn me sir yes because I feel good boy all right.

I'm here I know so why I'm just at a hundred you really want to do that huh absolutely join back when ready oh you really. Wanna do that do you mind you're hurting me you know I could move anyway because I joined back in the clan I guess make up souls no. Nice placing right you can make like. You can make a base around here okay and then when you've leveled up to the max, we might have a battle okay what do you mean leveled up loser like why that's a good yeah yeah let's do that what's dog you have to take off your helmet. Though it's just the speed helm exactly everyone's probably saying no like no one's watching but if. People watching no design he's wearing the exact same thing. And that reason is because as soon as I finish the live stream last night i just hopped in bed and magically fell straight to sleep okay yeah so you didn't end it no I ended it, Oh cow a bull just spawned in my base good good you deserve. To be scared yes I'm so good at this game oh yeah okay, you know okay stay still I just got myself no kill yourself nothing stop breaking my wall you should actually die at all I can dig it for fuel huh you. Want to get for me yeah you're so kind I know brother The, Fairly right you know what else runs in the genes that is so true like. Let's go kill some tapes yeah I'm not gonna tell you what level you I mean age 20 24 that it Burt you said level 18 was good that's before I learned those true powers. All right where are you, killing some peeps right so y'all gonna play where it looks yeah it's not that bad.

Isn't well the game that was the first place was pretty bad where are you what yeah it actually was okay let's go oh wait you wanna bomb.

Yeah I got to 7,200 down here hey Danny they don't bow I'll bet have off chicken litter sorry son so you, know what bold go to college I am by this Labatt how much is it although ragequitting it's 2005 a ty way dragon boss. What yeah hmm alright Chuck on the I don't have that thing oh he's really good the cross it's pretty hard to write it. As one that has targets across to remain with the trusteeship you see why I'm trying to no no, they always katanas up above we drive I then and I did I died yeah, that know that they're like easy noobs cloudy's. In the mood I know that is customs really watching other than me and you did you die honor this we don't want to make this Queen Danny acquaintance here Queen down here playing Danny do me, come to me come on Queen no no, I don't want to see you Shawn Marik trapped me in the picture but I don't think he realizes that I'm. Not that dumb and I can say I'm slicing the good chops good one oh hi Sophie buddy which way is he running Oh, No Pro they're following me they want me dead well I'll give. It to them I'll give it my all Oh someone killed cloudy he must be so good I couldn't get help yeah and then someone else came in now I'm killing. No no god he's killing me he's killing me very well good what here's what that still guys I'm placing down kids coming in I. Died do you go yeah, yeah one more the Queen's October label yeah at least we got cloudy well actually some other gays have got him so get racks I'm just gonna go straight for Queen so I think cloudy right. Squiddy hi poppy oh he's using your. Own thing is using everyone I didn't know not going yes I died yes I don't I'm not tried kill acquaint with a short, sword and 34 so this is where I died. I'll be back whilst George is gone I'll say a quick sponsor from Vance off the wall as you can see here I I've recently bought. A me pair of bands so you guys should go buy bands they're really good. Shoes you can see quality shoe nice back so that was our sponsor today James the rule so like go buy some bands. Guys they are good shoes they may look very expensive but mine actually got I bought. Mine at Harvard to happen in the ban shop usually there would be nine to nine ninety five dollars for those shoes but I got them for $29 so that's a pretty good discount if I do say so. Myself what, are we talking about uh who's your top guy no one I want a different so yeah should apply I know deep down I know do you wanna go – Oh Queen, got chills any money Queens got no actually what are. The odds he reckons you will George yeah you reckon she will anyway I don't know if I. Should kill whether you want as my CSP know what don't you know I don't even have csgo so I don't care unless you want, to play by yourself I would tell you work as your dog exactly that's annoying Manos come soon well at least an option at the moment on my own, show I'm sorry at least I shall drink at least I captured, the first bit on the video that I'm going to post today, so be ready for my phantom forces on where look it's a gum game thank you guys golden fishy wow that's like you and fish don't be shaken Zonda what some guys nine, golden drink what nice small base we said nice small dice I'm gonna say just like your dick I told you I love like Derek. Like your yaw your data and Samia your bra you you can say on Mumma, you can say swear words in capital letters but not lawyers that's because they are so sad no ayodhya are you guys yeah someone else, me in this mod to ask me that oh. My god have I'm not killin I'm Jake I'm not someone does that gay doesn't belong in Christ on my arm much if you made your name [Applause] let daughters boy yonk., are you gonna keep going when you're just gonna leave me me yeah I'm waiting waiting for what made it go on an absolute rampage until I die yeah let's go you should probably watch my stream for this, bit I am a bass down my favorite chicken fry rice is cannot tie off a. Tactical fly boxes no Julie someone is it oh my name is Jeff I, am a pistol god what a holiday I think that was ready oh yeah oh so you suck at bowling of all things okay, thanks well I killed seven people in that little round and now I'm just reading some food and. Then I'm going back home so let's go forty-one all right from now on I'm doing them, those who challenge Hey the no food challenge so you're allowed a hat, but you're not allowed to you can watch.watch I know you I have is bonding F Daniel Carson Wow well he's gonna die now. Isn't it first I don't know any dog they expect to get away I had to boost that. Oh I know I gotta move why are you blowing on things cactus you do realize my channel is paper okay my channel is peachy Deanna oh oh well if, you know them that's all good that's like now that nothing was, even said then I'm going on around okay alright let's go in you would do that I'm starting in threes good dead one down Nandu, taken out the tarts quickly someone's just taking out my base I know the heavy I just stopped right I'm just quickly writing his. Best I'll just wipe my face all right so I'll, up three food so I'll just get up to 15 uses fries over you so now. There's no possible way that I can use food but I am allowed a half so I'm gonna chop my, hat on keep writing keep your leisure I did not surprised yes can you please stop blowing things. That sound like oh why am i hitting that not nothing well now you stuffed buddy if I can hit them at least once Oh sky these guys got food, hmm interesting I don't know because if I get hit, once then I don't have any food and I don't have time to change my heart hi poppy yes I killed no one's gonna be falling for. That my watch oh I remembered I don't have any this would be fun it's found a massive quiet and there's like 16 bulls you never said that. I wasn't alleges picked ding stop. It please get some help Oh do yourself kill yourself kill yourself what you really want me to do. That yes I'm getting trapped no please this is such a hard battle no food thinks that I'm going to know right to die buddy oh oh. He's gonna he's gonna wait George this guy's got so much for you oh yeah right away from me to you please don't kill me damn. It I'm good bye George Oh bland roblox Chuck on the gazer headphones George can you speak quickly matches those need to, check all right what I'm flying huh hi there's this strip. Taste George what are we playing I can't play with you it's not showing me what you're playing George George hi George I'm playing. Your game Diane no thank you again no no it's like George's creationism place number 12. Oh this is like Paco oh I made the first job we should get much for myself right out leave gun yeah I'm sure alright what are. You playing what's not showing up not showing not that you're trying anything what is by moving configuring robots starting roadblocks loading, robots zombie rush by thinking I'm scared what am i doing where's my own why is there, it's done with Toby. I won't be gone how do you play this how do you play this yeah so what the Oh. Brah where's it sighs where's my pistol okay I don't know behind you behind you behind you behind you at all following me. I'm sure so they follow oh how did I die well your dog mommy told me my thank you that's the wrench whoa whoa you haven't done is good, Oh oh this one behind me what's up flip sign oh no I'm still luck just round, oh that's funny ah a be be a zombie well by that's awesome can you kill all these.

Others I have a saucepan well I'm gonna jump multitude I'm still screaming I just don't get too personal okay survive as many wives as possible whether that's going everyone, started what behind please is going handed it to him Oh a skirt so. I got them with a branch we should probably, help the other dude standing well someone's hungry someone's hungry skeleton on your dead sauce your mom it is. One you can barely Toros it's gonna kill you not today there are the skeleton did I get ready for round two yeah I got headphones yeah for, you but it's not making that sound yeah hold the cows hate them I'm just spam clicking the chili huh just a game like oh my god no. I did I want to hit people with wrenches, right round three huh no you finish this off those oh they come from behind I did not know, that and I'm dead you got you hey George I know my gosh it's gonna wrap up the stream for today I hope you. Enjoyed if you did leave a comment down below if you didn't watch. The stream still give the lock because like yeah once again make sure you got some fans if you're out. Of harbour town then have a sale going on $29 for tip for one pair um so yeah popping that guys hope you enjoyed and I will see you tomorrow bye .