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Hello everybody all right let's get this overlay out of the way everything should be set up greens well listen you did this one okay good how many screens and so many programs open when I started streaming, it's crazy Oh welcome back everybody, haven't been on today or I was on yesterday for a short time but not much and I wanted to I upgraded this just a minute ago oh it, already had a gold one I didn't know as a ton. Of these well this is called coal dust on the ground here so it was overflowing again and we might be able to use this in. A while I upgraded this here I don't remember if I change that last stream no no I didn't we had three of the regular ah what are they. Called survivalist generators or something up there I think so and I, changed them out to also the undeath and altogether I have 10 now because this one. Seems to be much better okay it's gonna take a minute to catch up because I bet you like it here I keep getting. A StuffIt from chicken or feathers okay there's just nothing here right now I did set up a filter over there to only all rotten flesh out of, there and how we doing over here this is full and 1270 so, I I don't know that chunk loading is just weird all right some things seem to keep running for example the greenhouse I think that's because. It chunk shows itself but the cart and the mop farm and so, on doesn't seem to be running when I'm not on all right. So where's the first one this one should be the first one filling it's full or these are all full, because I bet you this thing is full right yeah 200 stacks of stuff in here which is awesome so that's kind of what I would need to figure out. Today first is what kind of or processing we're going to set up probably need to also. Work on a little bit of a storage refinement or something and let's see here hey smash a McCoy mr. neocortex welcome back cattle owl welcome back with this stream. So what are our options for processing obviously I see two oh but I really want to worry about EU, power that's the next step here which I you know I'm kinda, would like to get to also is to the nuclear age I think that's what I called it aiming for. The nuclear age um let's see here real quick you mechanism, I don't think we can do mechanism until later usually it tells you somewhere oh yeah I wouldn't need the what's that thing called metallurgic infuser mixer, now we do not have a world download I believe anywhere hello Brahm muth welcome at 360 welcome back let's see her metallurgic, infuser triggers h-12 okay so that's still out of the reach we cannot use that. There is no pulverizer kind crusher I guess what to be the only one we can really do what about this Neotech stuff is to any advantages of using. Neotech and diamond we still need to make the atomic calculator that's another thing. I think I mentioned last time I streamed and it would be good to. Upgrade our calculators and stuff we cannot make the extra utility stuff but there really is, only the Sag mill and furnace we can figure out furnace shouldn't be a problem let's look through some of these items here real quick hey-up luck Infiniti welcome appetite usage we. Can just put it in the furnace or use a mechanical minor setup or something right here we can crush this, to get to and a funny that. It shows this but of course we can craft that bauxite ore Sag mill you or dis crusher Phil what are you used for here or processing I use the. Signal in alexander's it almost seems the best to do because RF but I could also make the. Let's see here a quick add the book is in here, how expensive would it be we can crusher from mercy sorry for the thing there'll be a screen shot at immersive that we just need a, bunch of steel for that he's right here excuse me I should really make a metal press, as well mmm-me we'll get started with that just it's gonna save a lot of materials or. Wires and what nuts not a problem is where am I gonna put all this stuff I'm starting to run out of room I don't really want to have this giant crusher in here I. Could either built an addition up Locke infinity I was I was so I was playing a lot of. Imperia in the last couple of days I mean a. Lot and I actually had that video uploaded since this morning and I forgot to publish it and I'm like you know what I'm gonna publish this now before I start. Streaming so I don't, forget so but you got something to watch tomorrow if you can't watch it after the stream so we can either make an, addition I don't feel like making an addition I think I rather built down and I mean it's, easy to make another room down here real quick that would be one two three four five and then six is the floor so that would leave me five up right now 1 2. 3 4 5 6 7 I think I'm gonna put 8 it's gonna be D the floor, of the basement because if we want an arc furnace or. Something I remember them being super tall let's go home home and we can come down it's gonna be, tricky right here you know what let's get a bag out green yeah that's right mr. neocortex but the problem is it's not something that can. Run offline because I would have to automate D ow I would have to automate what are they called the rotors. For example Oh what is this here one two three, or F but one two three four five six seven when I said eight is gonna be the floor to come to here it's gonna take a minute once we have the outline I can just use the. 3 by 3 and we. Excavate the superfast it's not gonna be a problem though hmm how am I gonna do that I don't have any more blocks let's go again oh you know what I do have blocks on me let's. Just use this cobble for. Right now 5 6 7 & 8 so a block on top of this is going to be the floor and oh wait this is in the floor. Right yes oh here hopefully there isn't too much sand up there oh nice I can reach it from down here perfect so let's stick back. Here first and find the other corner I suck at counting apparently you get your rector set up yesterday right, yeah am i which one you got your reactor set up yesterday right yep all right done is, it fun it wasn't too bad I haven't actually used it. Yet which is funniest for all time building it who it use. It I know it's very different than the way tractors used to be so I have something to learn there with the new fluids hot and cold and all that stuff, yeah I chose not to go that route I'm just. Using pretty small setup I have four fuel rods with heat vents and heat exchangers it's completely safe and only wait does. 6ee you were ticked but I can put a double for fuel rods and a little more and test it out about a hundred and twenty you protect so hey the quiz thank you for the. Streaming for the hosting death welcome to the stream all right there's that and now so in the.

Last corner which is going to be nice it's open up how's the system you worked on last stream doing, it's working I extended it to let me show you real quick I'm now using ten undeath generators and right now they're. All full and everything, and oh I totally forgot to tell you guys after the stream ended we came from over here with the power right I actually set it up to run on HV because we, actually make more this thing here at max needs 800 RF right but these right here produce 720 plus 80 80 80 so that's, one sixty to forty nine forty 1020 if I am calculating right so. We actually make in 1020 RF right here between these two setups plus that over there. And I also set up this guy right here you know it's the same blocks in this hat it was easy for me to do you start collecting, all the resources a reason being why I actually wanted it was clay because of all the silicon I. Needed to make a bunch of silicon and. I'm running low on clay and I wanted some kind of why is the thing not full yet so or research minor or minor both are you got both running now yeah the, or mine there is full the research just saw a piece of gravel coming and so it does work it's not unloaded, ha and in chunk Lotus puppy that's why okay, and then I now forgot guys why I took this sword – these swords and this one has empower three and travel, and I forgot now what made me decide to start using the sword remember but I chanted it and got unbreaking 3 in sharpness 4 on it as well. And the nice thing about it. Is you can teleport through solid blocks so that's actually pretty handy but yeah so I added the resource minor and power. RF power we're doing really good I'm we're making enough which is very nice right I heard if were 5 6 7 8 so, let's stick over here and find out I need to go one lower or not and then we'll just hollow this out real quick, but we got room I, think I wanna go for the crusher guys I remembered that crusher being very good because you can't overfill it you can't just keep dumping things in it of course I don't want to do, that really right off the get-go because we have so many ores all right so need to come here alright good so now I. Can go three by three and go to town yeah that. Should work I'm just I'm thinking right now if I could mess this out pretty sure I can and. Where is it right there all right good right this yeah all right now we got it all laid out it's funny that it takes torches like I. Said it should only take a second we got this excavated we throw in a floor. Real quick and and we have a nice basement we don't need to worry about chunk loading or also running wires and stuff much further. And the amount of, four that we have now it's nice but that should definitely be enough to get us going through a couple. Of ages I mean at 200 stacks of horse waiting all right and now can I it's straight right wait a second this is the wall, this is all I need to shave just this one back just like that hmm, and then when I pull in the floor then I can take out the last layer up there perfect okay good I hate wasting blocks I gotta pick them all up let's see hate, that waste how's it going very good I had no idea you're in here because I. Have notifications turned off when I record or stream so it okay to sneak up. On me that I probably prepared this between streams but oh well just have to watch me dig for minute all right. And now yes nice it didn't break that that is cool I'll try this again that is neat well if that is on purpose okay. Somebody told me that when you hold down shift or look at this I think, it was fish yeah they told me that if you hold down shift with the drill you only do not one by one I had. No idea that you can do that Wow yeah that's really that's very good to know and let's just, empty some of this gobbledygook here thanks for sharing Oh how's your thinking it's probably easier if I just drop, all this stuff in here thanks for the follow I still do not, know if RF tools the storage scanner can access the second page of tea looks like it can and it's cool that's very good all right floor. Down there I probably want to go with a dark oak again but just. Because I like that it gives it some color let's get all of this and let's get sixteen of DS I'm, dirt and this out here real quick now away from the cactus but we should have enough for right now that's a lot and if I am not mistaken I, did make a builder's yes perfect useless not waste your diamond, on the stupid Fisher ever not worth it besides maybe the fish but that's it we're gonna make this one smaller that should. Be fine so it's gonna be just one smaller so that's gonna be the Waldo oh here right yes okay where's my ex and I'm probably. I, don't know how much I have of that stuff but I would like to use sneaky torches again I will check in a second what is. That wither dust all right so one two three let's put one here the middle is and the B let's make it. Nice and bright down here so we're gonna do this here want and then here instead of going there we're gonna go one in and so we kind of, staggered them make it nice and bright and I think we have covers do we okay good then here we stagger. Again I'll be too. Much lighting now that I'm thinking of it which this is wrong it actually doesn't matter because once they're all placed you won't be able to see them in, a minute seven or right here okay good so let's go make some see it later Drock sorry didn't see you leave okay so Nikki I have. One more recipe you eight of those why did they only make one eight again one of those recipes Hey you. You 32. That that that's gonna be enough for now you perfect believe this close and there's a red X are you kidding me that is odd important thing, about sneaky torches in case you're not familiar with them is that you never put them directly next to a wall I'll demonstrate it in, a second just because it looks ugly that's the only reason why does the lighting update is kind of, weird when you do that so we can cover this one up for example pick it out right you cannot tell that there's. A light or a block but if we. Put something direct next so do you guys see how the shape changes of it there's a block next to it it's. Kind of weird that's why you always want to make sure that you don't have them directly next to a wall, and you never have that problem I learned that in last season on the event once three hey I don't even know anymore I think it was a month three in the, ocean monument that I built I made that. Mistake around the entire perimeter but I was simply too lazy to change it okay so now we can take up the rest of the way here I think yes and there should, not be anything in the floors and. Then we're just gonna have to figure out we have elevators nope Aref and this is probably a Sheen frame again how's the, FPS in engineering I am running at 107 currently I mean I'll check again in a minute, when I get back I've topped down here you can't really count it that's not a fair comparison oh that's not what I wanted dang it I can leave that. Shift by mistake so Oh Oh careful careful here it's gonna be the world, wait did I just break in now it didn't not break a but houses work up here oh, yeah the hopper puts it there so nothing can ever go wrong okay forgot about that one and now I just have to. Be a little bit more careful here I think this one was just decoration. Just like this I shouldn't say decoration just to close it off hey old metal head welcome. Back to the stream all right I think that was the only over at the smeltery I have to be careful but that I think, is the only other space anybody know if dark steel ladders are still faster than regular ladders as we might use those so up here I'm gonna, have to definitely change that quick think here it doesn't really matter because that's where the wall is gonna move it's okay I'll leave this. So I don't forget later to close this, up again from the outside it actually what about this corner okay oh now I did it now No wait five now. Get a bite again I don't know if there was still steel in it or not that would be. A bummer if I lost it but of my hammer you you all right I'm pretty sure, that was something in there but it's gone now too bad so sad what do you think you're, going to test something out in the single-player might have found another good RF source what's your extremely high RF demand misty in. Power power yeah you don't have to uranium with a copper you make the. Thermoelectric ones might have I have yeah they're pretty good I got tall c12 it's twenty four of them got just twelve doing my or. Minor and the rest of him feeding my other energy I mean I'd like to consolidate them all get a little more consolidated power and we'll see oh, why you all because it was it was, connected to the to the bottom block that's fine Hutchinson's family just subscribe thank you very much diesel is amazing yep now thinking of that too with the garden clue SHhhh it's it's probably pretty. Good as, I'm not gonna worry about stuff sticking out like this again the serious I said I would like to get things done instead of spending a lot of time making everything look good now we just, gotta pull in the walls real quick which is gonna be a. Breeze you know what for right now I think I'm going to del home mining wealth so I can use my second home and just put that. In the basement for now oh nice it popped out up here check, it out we did not lose the steel or the slag that's a sweet look at that are you kidding me hey let's, what one right there you guys didn't even see that right yet I did make the processor the crafting station the workbench I haven't done anything with. It yet but it is ready so we can set up some Auto crafting and so on which you know I, definitely want to do we're gonna use chisel Oh Thor FPS on my floor thank you eighty six. Seventy eight ninety eighty eight ninety four eighty-six if. I'm mistaken I think yeah out here it's higher again there was one area that. When I looked at I suffered a bit let's see if I can find oh yeah it was over there the port's the mob farm that was it but I just been that, day a lot of times 88 77 80 now I'm still doing good here so I mean this is this is very good. Like on cuantos I'm happy if I get 40 in my palace now granted, it's little different setup all right um let's go with which ones are we gonna go with I think we're gonna go with the, bigger brakes on the basement alright another she saw ah let's, go with a diamond chisel this time nan wants to sleep bed oh it's already morning. Nevermind okay so let's jump down here and then we'll set a home or like right here in the middle for right now all, it home have basement at home basement well I still want to make a ladder of course but well right now this is gonna, do and why not an eye so what's an eye I think you know I, don't even know what this one does a right-click to open GUI left click. Our get a block by leaving it in the inventory what's the difference you can convert a lot of blocks very fast just by selecting the stack in the inventory but you might did might not work, I heard from someone that the eye chisel is broken in the latest s– chisel update. Okay well then I don't feel so bad for now starch extractor hey what ran into a few starch extractors oats aren't too bad there. For you for a one potato I'm getting 64,000 RF, and I supply it one piece of coal I never even heard of a starch Spectre part of calculator mine, I never really played with calculator Mott so to me it is all very new which is a good thing actually I'm thinking it's 100. 120,000 RF so you get from one, potato on one piece of coal or Q pieces of coal it's not broken in a AOE I use it all the time okay are you on 10.2 whoever just said that because that's the newest, chisel update that broke it I think I've heard I have not tested it all yet then we'll close this. Later fine you and. The thing is that you saying MooMoo that there seems to be a long delay I kind of want to try it out now that is quite possible because, on both twitch as well as YouTube there's a couple options for the streamer where you can. Set up to have a small delay but that can trigger more buffering for people or you can set it to you know minimize buffering but that.

Will increase the delay a little bit so me personally when I watch a stream I think nothing is. More annoying that if you get buffering I. Think it's annoying right so I opted with rather having people not having to buffer but the chat delay is you know 20 seconds or something you I wonder if I can still in shizzle no I cannot okay so, I gotta use this, one up first regardless fine next one I'll make it's going to be the eye chisel it really doesn't take that long I don't chisel much might need something I don't know, where I got it from oh yeah from that corner you you are you working on a 112, expert mode packet I'm working on a peg but I'm having a couple of difficulties with well I wanted to do start. On 110 but people don't support 110 anymore but other matzoh don't update yet so I'm in, a state of not knowing what to do I have to wait for until all the mods update probably oh boy. Thanks for the stop Aaron Aaron why. Karo we get this one piece of dark oak that just keeps flipping about up there yes see that where's my, magnet sapling and I have I might have gotten it back already yes okay and I think right here I want to put some glass so now I don't barely need anymore blocks so we're gonna keep a. Stack of dark oak and I stack. At this on us and the rest will put back in the system and oh it's right there let's use. Incas construct lass yes one of those and we still have to close this off now who's this this one I, have to do from the outside here like nothing ever happened and then of course later we'll figure out how to run down. The power that's where I needed okay oh shoot and stones I need one more of the two more. Of these and 50 right let this work thanks for the follow q ik and Aaron Carroll 25 thank you very much. Hostess watch here alright let's just double check down here. And put the glass good alright good so there's one more problem where is this Abel I'm guessing I lost that one I muster where am I that's gonna be a problem right there, HV I'm gonna be able to practice where is it expected don't expect coming down is it this block actually, and that will be a problem as I can't break that block mmm wild I don't think it should be obstructed from that. Okay let's get rid. Of a few more here Oh annoying abstract it's so high hmm am I gonna do that I guess. We need another relay and then another HV cable but we're gonna put it you bear let me fluid pumps or anything in, this schematic actual additions we have three fluid pumps duster craft immersive engineering and actually I think actual this was the easiest to make fluid transfer. Note works as well yes for what at least yep good. Color okay now we should have everything prepared in this room and now we're just gonna make a million, blocks and rage pumps French consciousness alone yeah but they're not really I know that RW Tama right I think yeah I think he makes. The range pumps he said that he's redoing them completely I saw a tweet from him I I don't I know it's the refined storage stir-fry wall okay. I know it's one of them it yeah and make, him as mechanism has also a pump out yeah but that one is out of reach I don't think he can use that one, yet I have to screenshot open so let's go ahead or one of there's. Also the reservoir yes correct bread we said first we want to make this plate plate press thingy so let's make that first or, I do that let me get my back a cobble back in. Here don't ever leave home without it and I need this book don't need you we're gonna need the hammer I'm pretty sure let's go ahead and find Idol press, that's the one we need basically that okay so steel scaffolding I can probably combine, those there we go I just had to play around on my screenshots on the other monitor so I can add all this up. But we're gonna need 12 steel scaffolding you can a massive fabricator I read it right you can replicate machine frame so it's not so bad yeah. Eventually we'll get there cannot make these here oh you can just craft, them oh that's good I'm gonna need let's just make because I'm probably gonna need, more let's make 18 of D case I need more that is you so I need. That's it I just need both of these sets action or let's go ahead and make 18:24 I guess that's, fine and then we'll need redstone ng earring oh nice we need two of these one piston eat 9 Harper's give me that back, Oh run really let's do that one more time eight nine you and then I need ten light on heavier book I also need find a conveyor I I, have conveyors all but not many okay you we might use more of this. Downstairs here so we're gonna make some of that and let's get these out just so have. Them with me I know what I have and what did I say now yes I also need steel fences is so many more of tea yeah I need it eight so I get a few, extra good and now we need light engineering and any winning of. Tees you okay well that makes two at a time it's not gonna go bad it all in you ten but that's fine as I'm sure, we're gonna make more immersive machines I need solarium and pistons and this one I said I need it just one.

Hey ooh and then we're gonna need, gold all said while did she gets to see if one Golding had left I mean I have plenty of gold but I just haven't processed. Yet you all right cool so we have everything for that now and are empty but. This away now the other thing we'll need to make is at immersive and you make tea I don't think I'm ever gonna need the metal press, mold because we have two metal former the gear the gear you can use you can make. The brass ears with it which is 40 gets instead, of a steel component the middle yeah it only cost for brass or the heck is this bullet kick and I need that for eight well oh it's some bronze oh, yeah I forgot I got tons of stuff waiting it for the way Robert that there is silicon in. Here that in there you guys see up and that's, why I'm needing all this clay I don't think anything nope nope um you just ask does the refined iron recipe work free alloys No isn't refined iron steel now it doesn't work yeah but usually isn't. Refined iron steel yes iron it used to be but I see to remain aimed it, and and Tegra porn it's not, Auto dictionary so it's different and the alloy smelter sauce recipe but I'm not sure why it does that but yeah it's, not tend to work wait what are these rods to see what I need a rod to. Make the rod aluminum yeah well how is that supposed to work you can make it with the steel or iron I thank you three iron Oh dad okay might, even it gives you a bunch of options there like the aluminum set cheapest one, yeah I just made that one Oh delay no no that's fine I just the moment, you said it I tried out aluminum because I need that much anymore no I got a flowing over I'm almost ready start avoiding it I remember the beginning how badly we wanted to bauxite and now, it's like I don't need it anymore so now here I need any kind of wire let's see have any I. Don't think so nope okay let's. Get our cut her out look at you with the storage skater I've had that for a while I. Still I don't know why I made one yet I pay to pack like this I need to I need total storage control I also have the processor programmer, and everything next to it I just haven't set it up yet like I went too, loud do you really I need to make my guess let's see here, Steele because I'm probably gonna need it anyway I think it's like this isn't it this is steel plate livery uses closed doesn't work within their pipes should what the heck's going, on how did I how do I make made a million of, these ill in the gutter my going crazy eel and the cutter it's not working no for what but make a steel wire no no there's no such thing as a. Steel right there no you're making it for immersive right oh it's deep yeah a personal immersive cutter that's what I learn oh, no this is the chute that's nice it you may see my bad oh yeah yeah I'm pretty, sure it works yeah I'm not going. Crazy yeah just a little okay so let's make the wire press which is gonna be nice because that's all it's gonna save us a lot of.

Materials okay and then the last one I said was the gear, don't think I have work with any gear probably gonna just make up bronze gear actually ours ah that one I know I never made him like this I forgot here, actually this is expensive what's the Bronski or copper gear they all take the steel okay what you what why do you not, see this one no no no no no that should be in this inner thanks for the serf Mancino 133 and. When you sin here 133 so why can't you not. Pull this in on the bed non sorry you're slow and what is happening here why is this not working what's wrong okay oh what's different now a, storage scheme is tripping a little bit it's working now it just sometimes it's I don't know what's happening rf2 sucks with. Or dictionary yeah unfortunately does but like Jenny I'm sure is. Gonna fix this because there is he's on top of his, game all three of these and then of course we still need or about that just yet let's just set up the machine first and where, are we gonna come down with power I guess I could be using this one that's coming down here already I think that's the best thing well let's bring some. I have one more HP connector that's all we need right now in the. Wire you right there so I'm gonna say the crusher we're probably gonna, put somewhere in this corner I just hear a door oh I think to end their men right there because on the wooden pressure plates they can trigger them, you know what daddy fill up come on over it's in single-player. As a threat Oh ile redstone piston but like I said I think over here is. Where the ore comes from so we can conveyor that somewhere over here and set up some kind of a sorting system then we'll set up the crusher. Right here leave room right here for some kind of a smelting operation so I think we're gonna put the plate thingy right here let's put. It right and it can be against the wall Dow's by the way a technical, term the plate thing you forgot the piston I had one but if you stood in a recipe I'm not a big fan of having too I, think we're gonna put it right here let's. Let's take care of this for a second I don't want to keep using home to up in them you wait that's what, we need to [Laughter] right yeah let's make let's make some dark steel ladder I don't know if I have any dark steel you're. An engineer and you use singie and a term all the time to. Talk about Bob yeah I prefer thingamajig that's when you don't really know what it is it's a thing with you is that so darks feel letter take dark I. Am hey have any of those no but that is iron all dust and obsidian okay at, least that's gonna be yeah I don't want to make a whole stack button how much are we gonna make fake, don't over gun 3030 and and then while all this is waiting we're gonna take two three, five of these as you seem to be needing this Oh much oh never mind you guys see this hey I've been busy I forgot that's the. Problem when you when you do something and then you log out for the day so one two, three four five six put that in here I'm also making this stuff over here the cactus greens was for. De those green cards from RF tools control and purpur was to make more n draughts and so on yeah I've been, doing a lot of stuff between three and you make Darksteel though I'm. Gonna have to wait for six of these before we can make the ladder it's our. Stand stone again this stuff yep now you alright I'm logging off for the day for stopping by, see oh this is gonna be painful well that's what you get for gonna touch ten you like Louie Louie oh yeah that's fun stuff we lava Louie, what are you saying right now what are these words coming out of your mouth Huli Huli. Is sunlight lava it's a Hawaiian lava that she need to. Make I see two troubles or basalt oh yeah I heard that yesterday and you put that next to that coolant from ic2. Right yeah and that turns it into basalt but you can't put that stuff in our bucket yeah you can pour it out the cell can't you yeah okay good, enough problem is you gotta use a liquid heat exchanger to make. The lava Majuli lava you like that word Hui Hui yeah, which but it doesn't just make it you have to actually use the machine sucks this ladders I like that that's a, good speed you get down as well I'm not a big fan of that thing though oh let's get, sorry dark move tease one of that No looks terrible how can we fix them I'll put it here if I put it here it's gonna look bad I put it here oh my. God oh my god what he's Davey's lucky he'd left I just looked at the garden clothes recipe I'm, I'm not I'm making those really I don't think they were that bad advanced greenhouse to iron casings in the, oh you haven't started calculator yet oh I have got to come later but that's a. Lot well once you get the are you processing processing a lot yeah I do fir I've never heard that before large tanzanite you get. A lot of that I don't have a lot of that you will yeah like two or three you need to make, a precision chamber in a processing chamber man those things are, awesome all right book what else piston and then just that's the one. That does both of them right heavy yeah and as fast and the other one has a 12% chance this one does it on every piece of cobble cool done with this. Oh that feels good having the thing so I can't make that yet it's a ton of calculator here and we're gonna use probably the, wires first let's go ahead and make a few dos cuz I don't have, anymore HV cables or connectors so if I make these now I still need actually X's I'm number eights better do I need to. Still have them and plate for that's Mike hey what's that if you want to wake the wire oh it does it. Give you one no it gives you it's perfect very nice but if. You make the gear you actually have to place four of the breast bronze ingots on the conveyor. You can't use a hover yep right it only accepts the bronze won't go on there unless you drop four at a time huh that's weird because I, remembered used to accept more than just one, item yeah I don't know why to make the gear you actually have to place four ingots on at once, and only four big pain in the butt but you don't use any steel to make it so it's kind of nice yeah alright it's a normal setup with the crusher next in the, front I think it's this one. Right here so that is hey I'm gonna leave lots of room movie I've sick Evan let's leave seven blocks just in case but is this really only, that's five why are you all that's too wide over, okay and hey there's going to be one here on dare and the redstone in front right here I was being sarcastic um their goal for, today how am i ignoring chat you booger ain't a gallstone no I don't, have a painting machine yet and I think the sneaky towards you so much easier on wall and room should Bend around corner on wall, in room ender talking about the conveyor belt I'm guessing a wild and, Phil show advanced greenhouse is easy just it's just lapis blocks which are easy to get in the I'm agree constructor which is a atomic age to make. Lapis I'm talking about and used instructor from actually it get yourself lots of lapis I. Need tanzanite girl tree alright and then I think in the middle we have nine hoppers and okay Australian is really funny leaking bolt. I like the way the best how you guys say yes and no because you guys don't just yes and no let me see if I can remember that right, if somebody asks you and the answer is yes youth say now yeah, and if the answer's no you say yeah no something like that I think I got that right and. I had a few Australians that I know and play, with confirm that that it is really a thing that's that's just a saying and I find that hilarious yeah no now yeah like why white say, both words if you just mean one is a goofy alright we'll get our, crusher get power is still over here so we gotta need HV to come over there but definitely want. A relay right here and then we're gonna have the input come from this side better not right there somewhere to furnace Janna now yeah I love that oops whoa. Don't do that be nice too little for I'm not little okay I kick your butt goose what else uses heat, and hall heat when you bake an apple pie you need a lot of heat kind of heat hall heat hu. Rocketry thing no it's iron dust bait. This before apparently I have perfect this stuff can you use I think I checked the same thing last time yes we can't use rush die though doing right now not. Doing that anymore I'm so when you're always upside down blood goes to your head which voice stirling generator that is gonna make. N any hurry up machined aluminum okay. Who said city I never need to make them again every start in five minutes which is fine guys it's only gonna take like a minute 90 seconds and the server's back up it's very fast it, gives you all a chance to get a glass. Of water it's here right so let's make yeah let's that's all. I need I don't need to come at nothing and aluminum of course you're gonna take the wrong one again now I need to use up whole heat I'm trying to make the lava and those someone. Answered my question the guy that was asking about how, to use the icy – okay I see it I see this I love I love to make the stirling generator okay wild you should. Make a stirling generator I will do that whoa we also need aluminum wire and any stick okay f-16 so I need you posture restart thank you, glitch thank you glitch now I wanted a glass of water not for right, now guys I'm gonna go somewhat low-tech but still easier than just having to drop it onto air it's gonna make a regular dropper. And yeah tinder we're gonna go low-tech because I don't see our needing this too often and probably gonna have to. Add now the only thing is that because this is a vanilla dropper it might be stupid and spit it out, all over the place let's see I guess another garden there's the precision dropper of actually addition still yeah. Why not I swear to God vanilla minecraft I love. It you guys know that I love redstone and everything buy a few things that drive me bonkers is dropper spinning their items wherever they want to it's called. A dropper right if you drop something in real life, gravity pulls it straight down it doesn't just go somewhere number tuned if in a basement number two if I take a picture an image of the wall why does, it fly 500 blocks. Away and item frames those things drive me nuts I don't understand why they still have that in the world it makes no sense I have everything no will have everything no gold I need of anything Oh in, here it's excluding pretty sure was it, yes y'all know Mike Oh minecraft gravity's hyper-realistic this you saying it isn't do not question my craft ever as we're playing oh my well how did that, yes we're playing Imperium yesterday. Right and the glitch was in his new Seavey's like his cat a carrier ship or something right and we were also watching non stream at the same time and he heard a, creeper fizzling and blowing up and he gets scared in empyrion from. Creepers even though there is none but that was really funny oh you know why this doesn't work I'm an idiot I'm an idiot I wonder how many people said that already it's flux. That works, more than this pack I don't think it is we all died of dehydration now that's fun oh my god are you kidding me one gigabit up I'm. Jelly that is amazing I'm gonna run a network cable from. Here to New York if you don't mind and I'm gonna use your internet now one key cup that is amazing I have seven up guys I've uploaded any videos ever uploaded I'm gonna. Have to examine 30 videos and they're averaging I'm gonna say average five kicky Wow oh man ah done editing video will. Be up in four seconds then would be amazing alright so I made, yep I can make eight perfect all right we got enough wires for today that is. Nice we've got the crusher so now let's figure out I'll sleep first and how are we gonna get all this in to our base and then how to sword it so I think I. Would like to move current modular storage in first kind of a, storage there and then like I said the other problem is as well that I don't want to you. Know just throw everything at the crusher that it can work I want to do it. So we're probably going to have to use a timer or something yeah we can use them we can use a hopper. With a timer and an inverted redstone torch we lock the hopper and then like every five seconds we unlock it so it drops the next or into a drop or. Something like that I think that should work but can we. Sleep people I'm sorry I wasn't trying to figure out the stupid thing trying to find, work that is internal how they go on then Oh how's it going oh it turned around much okay, so I'm gonna need another one of the robbers right now we're gonna need at least one of these though I'm gonna need to make in gold you , and gigabit says that conspiracy wait oh do they even make network cards bigger. Than one gig up in a second now oh yeah I mean there must if they Wow must be oh my god I, can't even imagine that guess leaking bolts we have and our oil pipes you need, to give me a little bit more information as to why you bring it up you obviously have something, in mind of where I could use them and I'm all ears alright so we get this guy and into that we're gonna, need to use a hopper okay humanum that's Lou humanum yes Lu eat one one why you do this. To me I don't understand why our f2s does that sometimes it makes no sense to me want to have a few of them I'm tired of not having them, okay so we're going from the wrapper into E sorry put the hopper into the dropper I'm. Gonna need a redstone torch and I'm gonna need a I don't, think I have another time or not Eimer and I don't have the. Gold hey yeah let's get all this in I have this hey um it's so you good look at that I'm a redstone torch all right but before. We get to that we need to have another intermediate storage now we don't yes we do which is fine. So I'm just gonna use chests for that for now we're figured out in a second and then have Enrile conduits and now we need filters basic item filter I, think holds X or seven items something like that this filter here from extra utilities, actually holds you can nest them too it holds a lot more yeah by default I think 16 so I think we're actually. Not gonna go with the I nya code are gonna go there a little bit to have five, left that's good enough for now but in OneNote but I'm gonna need another note then. Filter let's start with all of them hey Cyrus thank you for subscribing I think we have everything now that we can start figuring this out and then, we'll at the very end we'll figure out how to get the items from there actually in. Which is fine I don't want to. Have anything here's me picking up 200 items or 200 stacks of or okay let's say it will not come, in and have this more like right here okay and then we're gonna have two chests don't think I'm gonna even mess around with that oh when I have to drop right. Here though I want to have the proper right there and I say that I probably I. Know okay magnet you gotta be kidding me your pain in the bottom what what the hell it's, a joke what's wrong now and place the stupid dropper so it face us down where do. You go wrench doesn't work I tried it there we go I think you know that was a fence right there. Upper and actually this wasn't a bad idea I'm not even gonna forum this until we're done this because if why it doesn't have any power but I don't know what. Happens to the items that fall in if it has power. Or not so we can test it better though up here. We are going to have if she I don't need to hopper because I can turn this one here two poles and then we, can put nicer block you whose item Conner it's a transfer from minor to crusher I'm gonna go, from the item conduits from the minor to the in between box that's what I'm gonna so slow and error can be filter for me I'm. Not really worried about the speed guys because if you think about it once we're caught up you only get one item. Every five seconds and at least half of those are not going to be put in the. Crusher so I don't think that's gonna be a big problem that's just I'm at this fine what I say here hold on, a second yes I needed a nicer block right there we're gonna use, the timer right here and set this to this is five seconds right there perfect every five seconds it drops one item here let's test it you you and you know we can play. Around with making it faster or slower or whatever but like I said I'm not really that worried about the speed. And for now we're gonna put one up there I don't want anything bonding here I don't. Think they can spawn on hoppers anyway but that's it so now we can. Come with this – over there well what the heck guys you oh sorry about that I had something on. My lip and I didn't like it it was a bug or something okay pipe which means tons of these which means I need, to pull the aluminum again know what ah I just had, an idea let's put this back actually let's do it like this and use do I not have any, oak seriously must be out of your mind you so we're gonna put click on this put one plank lumen 'm store yes if chests here just and aluminum and should never have to pull out. The. Stupid aluminum again or when I need it though eight let's make that mini and hopefully I have enough when he cable should be enough I think okay yeah speed upgrades. Is really inexpensive is are really inexpensive and I. Come from back here so yeah we don't even need that in-between chest we don't need it but we can put this here and it's just gonna pull out crap now anything. Here that's fine and we're gonna have to make it what does this cost make or. Rich terminal justice – I have one of these Spanish it don't and this costs me you're empowered if I have those empowered I have three. Perfect I'm tired of having to run upstairs guys I want to put one of them down here machine, casing don't think I have any more of. That but I can use a nut basic I need an advanced or that one here I should have that and I need the capacitor another casing and. Iron bars right I think that was that here heythe ordains thank you very much for the donation I really appreciate it very nice of you look at, that see guys. I'm still trying to figure out I found out today which I'm I haven't looked at it exactly at so, I hope that they're not just teasing me but I actually when I started and I logged into twitch today I had a message there that like I said, I need to investigate first but it said that I am now able to join the affiliate program on twitch which is, a big deal and so I'm really excited about that hopefully it's not just I mean it's officially on the notifications off twitch so it's not some. Other network that's just smearing honey around my mouth and then I'm hoping that I can, possibly kind of unify everything so he took probably don't have any of. That but so then all the donations if it's on YouTube or twitch or whatever I do what's really big um are gonna be the same you know. So they're all ticking up there and so on because right now I do not know how to set, that up for YouTube III don't know how to tie in to their API I mean, it does admit seed oil or water I think II don't know it needs the nutrient distillation that's why this is one or two oh it's doing it. Already good and it's cool that we're making this one and then we can break it apart. Into eight because these right here will need later also for. Like the wireless receivers and transmitters and all that good stuff this guy again. All right so that's good that we have that and now I can make this guy then hopefully this is not stupid okay perfect give it to me we can click on after I click, here thank you very much kept for. Day and it's very nice of you um I guess right here I mean I know it's right up there but at least this way I don't need to run up and, down the ladder anymore and we have, access to everything that's good now now what was I doing here yes the filters that's the thing that we're gonna have to figure out now. So I don't really want to start with anything else but one and I cannot connect this pipe here until we're actually ready to. Use the output I don't think we're gonna get into the nuclear age today but I, think it's fine because this here is gonna be a huge step forward in a serious if we automate the ore processing I mean that's gonna be amazing you know, what I just noticed I made 16 HP wire relays but I didn't make any regular HV. Connectors which is a rabbit hole again 8:16 wait 14 okay oh I don't have any more, hardened clay I'm not going to use my regular clay guys I'm sorry so we're gonna have to hop over there real quick ain't none weather, to the end we're gonna run over here real. Quick and just get a bunch by hand yes um like I said oh oh I might not have to do that because I think, I'm getting that from here as well I think I have a mosquito, in my room it's driving me bananas let's ever have that when you know there's a mosquito but you just. Cannot find it so annoying so this is different terminal is trying to see then this one yeah, it doesn't even have two recipes or destiny so because when you have the remote a storage remote thingy which I am I'd rather stay with this for now we barely leave the. House so that, make 14 the as I was saying it drives me nuts when there's a mosquito around you I get so we got connectors done with that and I'm gonna keep this empty just to make sure, there is no conflict we have these and that seems to be something I don't know. If you have those two wild that's pretty close by but all year long we have these stupid little bugs there I don't know the size. Of a penny that's not gnats and when you touch them or you trying to grab them they stink like this there. Oh what's. Out there called stink bug and it was so funny that when when rascal like first the Rascals my cat when he first encountered those right when you know him cat needs to hunt and. Kill and then he got the first one. And it probably it probably tastes as good as it smells oh my god he avoids them like the plague now and. We have those all year long I don't know where they come from nothing they're just just exist I. Don't know if they're an important attic through wherever I don't know and I get up there yes you here ooh yeah okay good all right so. This puppy is powered coming over here like I said we have to do very, last and yes but that was the thing I wanted to do first before I do anything. Lever I need two levers that's gonna be the most important cause anytime later I need to change the filter there I need to pull this so. It stops pulling out whatever it's doing change the filter put the filter back in and so on right which means I can actually connect this. Because nothing can come out until I pull the lever or, put it in the off position okay and then from here that's something I've never tried when I have to check if this works do I still have a modular.

Storage no but I guess I can use that modular storage that I have there now let's, try this I want to try. That I don't want to give it away I want to just do it and try it so storage control module what always something alright so there's one of. T if I I have to go up here I think pretty sure right click this so now. It's set to this storage scanner I take this card out with, this where'd it go oh you cannot put it in here I was thinking that maybe you know you could put this in here and then you can use it almost like an enderchest to come in but. That does not work II not giving me a I'm. Not sure how we're gonna go about getting it then from here the stuff that we're not sending to the crusher into our storage system, I guess the only way I can think. Of right now is just with a really long end or IO able what's underneath the Oryx the program okay I can move. The programmer somewhere else don't need it there you put that there for example break this out Hey and then we'll. Get the conduit because the condo is just cheaper there's have been compared to the these transfer pipes it's much cheaper and I think I made. A or some reason I thought I made a healer ranch but it didn't I don't really need it I should. Be able to get it from down the heat mm-hmm oh boy okay that's the, only bad thing about what are they leaky torches if I seriously not reach but now there we go insert oh. We should have stayed up there for a second longer, okay so we're gonna come in and then cut over right here and that should not connect to anything okay good to do but we're still not gonna use this for sorting so we're gonna have that other, wooden chest there that we sort into and then we pull out from that via this here and I think. You know put, that on top perfect stole it at the second level right here turn this on with this note right there. And then you know not I thought I had a second wooden chest probably used it in the recipe right here so, here we come up to that oh the stuff that we're going to filter out from here goes into, this and then that will get pulled out from right here on extract always so this is the stuff that goes directly back into the, storage system so now we got all this now it's all about figuring out what we can you wear but before we can go to that we still need to, at this post it there let's get rid of all of this I can now we still need to figure, out how do we, want to smelt the items that come out of this you yeah let's do one thing here first this. Guy right here and yes what can we crush something to crush it when ironed all right at work I mean it has power you holy crap that was fast see that, it was insane Wow okay don't butt over here like I said I think I'm gonna just I don't know don't know if I want to go with., Conveyor belts because if the furnaces are not fast enough then this will spit out but we should probably have an inventory between that as well don't forget about the magnet, magnetic ones the covered ones yeah I don't wear my, magnet the base very very seldom and I hope that when people come over they don't do the same well that's how you, get free stuff yeah absolutely free ad no but you could try you don't know what happened the last time yeah it's only because you cheated, and you went invisible on me mm-hmm whatever you heard it here first mm-hmm I think that the powered furnace from actually additions but that, is so slow I think. Crusher asked you to the least the best what it make him you should be able to make it no and that I come honest of the crusher. I mean come on that's been known since the beginning you can't make it at all no kidding I have a try when they clear that up as I'm so staring at. This you're trying to figure out the electric furnace from nail tech I don't even know if this is, any good oh she made bitch that ain't happening you can't but yeah you can't make that yet if, they they are the best because you can, upgrade the crap out of them but they're super duper duper duper duper expensive so I think that just making powered furnaces from actually additions make like three, of those into short segments are smelters yep. Those like an upgrade we fast and I have a bunch of upgrades if you need them even more expensive Feli like I build me two more I mean you also have, ic2 I'm trying to get new underwear what because let's just donate it on thank you guys very much. Appreciated Chuck Norris frequently donates blood to, the Red Cross just never his own it is so loud I cannot figure out the one on Twitch is normal I hear it it's nice and soothing but the one that, I'd like I told you guys this I have two different api's number one I cannot get anything to, show up in the ticker yet supposedly it's so it's it's working but it doesn't as you guys can see it doesn't, show up so you try this here. There I don't understand what buh-bye anyway then I do get the notification from that is so loud cuz there's no idea I'm sweating now Oh Thank You glitch and now I forgot what was I doing make it, a low smell is capacitor they're three kasing three and what's the other thing forget I, know it requires the advance there we go then it is unbelievable how much that freaks me out every time this happens. You know he loves it he loves it ah oh eh – anybody else, suffering from allergies more than usual this year cats man I haven't had allergies in years like I but it was really bad when I was a kid. Like it was it sucked when I grew up like, I a lot of times couldn't go outside when it was really. Bad because I couldn't see my eyes swelled up and all these things um I make we are for that here I get the rest got thing on, me of that or do you read a glitch if you have an echo device it will tell you Chuck Norris you know what I, I'm kind of mad a glitch because he has one of those I think it's. The echo I'm pretty sure he has the a um and he has a chance of calling it computer, and he doesn't wanna he says echo tell me the temperature outside or something like that right. He could ask computer come on I mean I don't know I'm just a Trekkie nerd I guess PTSD from. Donations that would be a good PTSD though hi guys I need to mute for a second I need to blow my nose er bees you. Yay it feels so good now my ears even popped I'm not, a Star Wars Trek nerd I don't think I don't think ace I don't know oh by the way did I show, you guys that did not show you guys this discard here has a hundred stacks of or that's the one I took out because in case you didn't know that you cannot, upgrade those like he usually can we cannot find the storage right here like the tier 2 usually requires you. To put the tier 1 you can't upgrade them so I wanted to. Upgrade it but I couldn't and I'm like hey I'm just gonna make the tier 2 I didn't make the tier 3 because I. Have so little gold so we actually. Have a whole hundred stacks up here and two hundred stacks down there oh yeah why was I saying I think it's good to be a it's good to be alert about. One of this series I think it is let's just not in that genre he's an uptown nerd their song uptown. Or something uptown girl or something like, that think that for us you know all those beers Pam ok so then from here we can come down to let's say okay I'm gonna, have to figure this out hmm you I do it right here come the items up our in, the back Oh love you glitch oh my god I mean I could just turn it off but that wouldn't be nice because then it. Takes me too long to figure out haha you not sure oh my god you okay settle Beckett well that's that's, kind of messed up there Rosemarie I it doesn't show your message so I guess it's okay thank you, very much for your donation but Rosemarie advertised. Actually though Rosemarie just spent a dollar with a website link or a PvP server and think even the profanity filter kicked in or something I'm not sure but it won't be seen but thank you very much. Anyways this is a basic glitch you know you're gonna hear that all, night mate when I'm not streaming oh my god you guys are. Killing me right now goose love you buddy and you turn on the air conditioning I'm not getting anything done. Sorry so I need a big chest over here I don't think I can use that and then we can use this to go into them ooh ice, is so stressful for me but that is funny dude did she read that what what who. Said that Yin Li and about glitch I know cracks me up, okay so we get a chest I went to here extract extract always into there and then we'll come back out from here extract always always always and then we'll set this to furnace only earnest only and furnace only, and front is pull and top is push front this oh and. Top is bush front this full and tapas push that's another thing you can come via, a browser now it's it go it goes directly into OBS via an API link from a from two. Different websites actually one for twitch and one for you too and that, is how I'm getting them and this is why now I got a run dis I could actually tie it into this one here then it goes that way instead of running the long way let's see if, we have enough stuff to make the rest of this probably not no but will have. Anymore these they do you you you I'm gonna dream of this glitch you chuckles I think we can do this all night. Helen me Thank You Harlequin Harlequin donated $10 and says I watched pretty. Much all of your vids I've YouTube right so in theory you get some dollar for that but, I doubt they give you much love your keep it up thank you very much as much appreciate it love, you all then I have to maybe take like that that would be something, funny actually instead of having a FaceCam just have like a Polaroid camera or something in front of me but. Every time that scary sound comes it just takes a picture and then sends it to the person that costs the picture can, see my face okay guys so I think we got everything I want to try now real quick if this actually . Happening today captain Thor day and says you just donated $51 I can't let lets show me up like that thank you very, much drop this in here done in here it probably put two in, there because they can smelt up to three at once there's two and they go out and then yeah they're gone so our setup works now last thing we need, to do is just figure out the sorting here but for that. I think be right back it and I empty my inventory here so I have more room and I'm also gonna bring a double, chest with me because that is something I like to do as I've seen any other my serious what I like, to do is I always keep one of the items that one of, the items that I use for filters and so on and put them into a chest near the sorting system because then later on if I ever need to change something or mess something up. You know let's say I lose the filters for some reason then I still have one of every, or that I am processing in this chest so I could, set it up again otherwise you know you need to wait for hours until you get all the different items again guys I cannot Mouse well mouse scroll wheel this out. That's why I'm taking out always half a stack or a stack of this. Oh even in game II said boo thank you very much done it's so crazy I don't know what my dad thinks downstairs every. Time I jump out of my chair, all right so let's go to here 50 percent slept good okay so guys unfortunately this is gonna be why don't we do it like this because we are gonna. Set up filters we can set up what we have here now. How many more after this we went to here so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and I'm just. Checking I yeah be good we don't have real craft so we don't have fire, stone that is very good because I hate fire stone it almost cost me my whole Palace on the Qantas pack those not. Nice so the first one is gonna be. Left the second one is gonna be right though let's start here usage I said this one already is gonna go straight to the system for now or maybe figure out something later to auto fortune this or, something are, tight we now goes to the left to get crushed oxide is gonna go to the left to get crushed then need to tight we'll Chen I'm gonna say needs. To go to the right it just gets into the storage for now again would have to be fortuned I think this one we can crush yes we get,. To black quartz perfect syrtis quartz or in the crusher we get service quartz dust and it's actually not what I've on. I think yeah we're gonna have to get a sag mill set up as well guys I want to service quartz crystals we're gonna have to have a third filter here. Coming down into a sag mill my goodness goose love you, buddy it might chat stop if I see it on YouTube where was I zag Mill we need one of them that's. Just nothing we can do I also think like redstone and lapis we get more sudha segments my. Heart but the problem now is that you know what yes that's what we're gonna do right now I'm gonna, use the signal from over here guys and so I can make another you I mean this is a good problem to have. Guys honestly I mean I would I changed my underwear every five minutes but my heart there's another one captain for. Dane thank you very much thank you very much smash thank you. Very much you guys all Rock what was I doing yes I said I'm gonna put this angle down there and then we. Can sit up the third filter that said my my words are failing me right now I have enough yes, at this out of here and I need a HV you captain Thor Dane thank you very much you guys all win in my books from here directly into. The Sag mill what's the pre-configured for configured pull here now what did I say this stuff here goes, straight back into the storage system so that means I need a few conduits I'll meet it Thank You Angus Keenan appreciated always active that's my, face is starting to hurt you know that I'm just laughing so much and grinning over. Here my jaw is earning not my yeah well I guess my jaw is part of the. Face right so this is gonna be the third filter for this egg milk oh I forgot give me that back at you. You only to power this puppy and for right now just so we can get this done cuz, I'm gonna need to take a shower in a second put that there that's. Like 20 new pairs well kid on the where do you buy paper glitch so. Because these levers are pulled nothing should come in here good so the third one here is the SAG mell which is this and that I know that let's see what the. Cinnabar is the dust but I don't know what this dust is used for yet guys so I don't want, to just send it through the crusher if I cannot. Smelt it afterwards right but for now we're gonna send the cinnabar also just in the system coal is gonna be for and the crusher and I smell to end 3 in the SAG mill, with a 60% chance I'm just gonna put it in the crusher, I think the coal and then cobalt in the crusher copper diamond diamond is probably rusher. Yeah you get two alright so let's put diamond in the crusher Rock own iam I am NOT I'm sending draconian into the storage system because I definitely want to, fortune that when, the time comes emerald is probably also in the crusher yes glowstone straight into the system old crusher I earn in the crusher lapis an enrichment amber I thought that mag Mel right you get eight. How many did we get in the crusher 9 okay so we'll send it to the crusher mr. neocortex thank you. Very much so if $5 is 20 new pairs are underwear I just, got 160 new pairs that's awesome I love you guys let or pressure this is crusher yes Lonsdale light don't know what it's for there usage melting sure three, and sulfur and Richmond chamber dad MELAS – so crusher right where is it. We're going to send that to the crusher as well and Nicole what is Nikhil from immersive engineering and what is this here. Powdered platinum you see and you smelt this stuff. Okay good so I just want to make sure we can smelt that as well let's put that to. The crusher as well but that is all of these I really hope I don't need to nest it that would be kind of nice, but I'm running out of room in this one here so I would have to use a second one and put it in here I wait. A second no no I just put no you can only put one filter here but I do need to mist it check, though let me catch. Up thank you you we love you too I'm glad the feeling's mutual I'm just wondering how much a price you can place a heart failure well for me. It's definitely not cholesterol right now [Laughter] you oh you went became my patron yesterday as well kept in Thor day and that's awesome very nice thank. You very, much so you are in discord right then if you have this court you should be in my patron this court as well say hi in there so I know, in case your name is different in there Oh God I've net this one right here I need okay, so we went to the lead so now we need awesome iam era dot that is plus I write a redstone but, uh no no go back there no go back. In why can I not put this now maybe you got a sordid yes I okay there we go a redstone a resonating or Ruby by all these useless things, like there is no use for this right here they're like all decorative add light at least as, far as I know silver oh the light can even pronounce half of these in. Austin uranium and yellow yellow right hey good and I want to keep a lot of bauxite of Ruby s powder you usage usage. It for powder hey let's find out what this one is for to be an ark ashes a stayer, cell chrome dust and aluminum dust okay so I'm just not gonna process the Ruby until I actually need it all right but let's go through here again I have okay, just double-checking last one was yellow yellow right okay so we got it oh so. Osmium is gonna get pretty sure it's gonna get. Crushed right arc furnace don't have it yeah okay though Osman goes in here peridot I'm not gonna process, those guys I'm not gonna process peridot I'm not gonna process resonating or because you make the plates out of it not Ruby, not sapphire the night this is like some Big Bang Theory reference here Sheldon held the night you get platinum out of that or in the. Industrial grinder later we can double that so I'm not gonna process that for now silver, is definitely gonna go on the crusher and now this is full let me put, this here all right um let's put them let's just put them in here so these I'm not processing and Di's I am, so now this one needs to go actually can now do this right I can take this and put, that in there wait is that how you do it guessing so so I'm gonna drop this in here just so I have it and I guess now I can keep adding there all right pyrite sorry, what do you turn into against something in the electrical electro, Oh what am i doing I'm an idiot sorry guys we went up to nickel I still need to, put these in that filter here but that was peridot resonating ruby sapphire and shell denied otherwise it. Doesn't know where to put them horse you um there are two. Pi right now PI right we said we're sending to the storage system yes now redstone ore I'm gonna say crusher I get six and the. SAG mill I get eight but that one goes in the seg well redstone see I always thought that lapis also gives you.

More but I'm getting nine here and in the sag mill I'm only getting eight plus a possible nine and obviously I don't care about the kaabah that's, fine so redstone is here usage on this stuff again crusher and then what turns into we're gonna. Keep that as well send it to the storage system fella fella right name. Spiel just send it to the storage system until we you know we figure out what to do with this so this is the first one right there tungsten I think. We can send we gonna get tungsten no it turns into a tungsten ingot, is there another use for this outer manganese also turns into that that seems to be the only uses just. To make um ingots let's check this one here it tungsten ingots.

Wolf premium cell let's check here real quick if this turns into tungsten ingot can, I turn it back into so I think for now we're gonna process tungsten as well uranium I am definitely not processing because I want to make sure to get the most out of that and the same. With you Laurium because I think with industrial craft we're. Gonna need this stuff later I think we have all the ores now everything is set up that we're getting in here now we're gonna have to. Put double check this is the.

One for the crusher last one oops and then enough give it back the wrong field right there and then this stuff all goes directly to the storage system now I have one little booboo what now. Sleep you really sleep. Okay I still need to get the stuff to come in from the resource miner it's this way thank you yeah no problem just tell me on the. Streams conduit I have 18 that might be enough guests so the wall is actually right here I think let's come down here yeah so it's gonna come, this here so I don't fall down but that would we connect. Over here so I'm just gonna make sure they're safe hey how you doing sir how's it going get out of here all right so we'll come. This way insert and this off again so we can't see anything you. Alright there's an item already so how are we gonna do this here one two three or oh my god look at that last pipe it was exactly enough. I love it extract always active, okay well this is all set up here it's just mostest madness here Oh hmm. That's not something I expected figured that uh that the conduct will not break scent that's interesting guess we'll use now you like that okay. But this is always extracting so our stuff is gonna go down there I'm not gonna. I don't really know yet what to do with the with the resource minor yet because we're gonna need a wall of. Drawers for all that stuff hey so I think we're ready I think we're ready to kick this in and because this thing is so freaky fast I think we're gonna set this timer. Here to every three seconds for now I think, that should be fine so let's go ahead and turn this one on first this, one here will still be disabled from that on but this one here is the one that goes back to the storage system and because, it only needs to look for one block again I could put speed upgrades in here but I, really don't need to because later on we'll only get one block every 5 or 10 seconds maybe right even if we go for a tier 2 with some speed upgrades or something later on. Which I don't think I do, I I have this Plus D hundred I'm gonna bring this right now just so you can scan see there's so much stuff get it all here let me put this one in, here yeah there's another hundred stacks right there though we got tons of, stuff I'm gonna do this one here first okay it's still working on the apatite and now we'll turn this one on we should. See something coming down here it's working on the, Certus quartz again don't need to speed upgrade it and over here does this kind of take the longest this is the only one alright but it puts 62 I don't need speed upgrades. For that either there's some right there and. Put it into LED and silver because you have a chance of getting silver from lead that is the only thing that doesn't look like it can keep, up and why would have put an LED right there but that's my only worry here right now because you guys see. This is filling up so I might have to give this a little, bit of a slowdown overall though I think I'm gonna go back to the 100 every 5 seconds it's gonna be all done tomorrow you, know if I log out now and this stays chunked load it this is gonna be done by tomorrow it's gonna have everything processed and, then again we won't have this problem later on, but this is awesome we did not get to the atomic age of code nuclear age sorry not atomic but, I think it was still this was very productive I'm very happy I'm actually liking this it's not the prettiest set, up but it's functional it works and it's extendable as well you know if we ever go crazy I could simply, add a second one of these crushers put it right there and run the, pipe to a second precision dropper and drop it in here nothing over here changes you know put some speed upgrades to make it faster done and guys thank you very much for. Your generosity today this was crazy probably gonna take a nap now from all the excitement oh you guys have no. Idea and yeah next time I don't know what we're gonna do we'll figure it. Out thank you so much for watching and let me check chat here things fine you may have to filter the, cobblestone what cobblestone the only cobblestone that I can think of is if you get it from the sag mill but everything goes straight, into the storage system or do you think there's any cobblestone in here even if there's cobblestone. Coming in here then it will turn it into smooth stone and again it goes into, the system and if it drops cobblestone in here and will turn it into gravel which then gravel. I think would turn into concrete maybe let's see here let's smelt it their smelting recipe here bag mill crusher crusher apparently you cannot smelt gravel so if there, is any cobble going into here then it will probably, just sit in here because it can't put it anywhere but that's it guys hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you every day after tomorrow I'm, not gonna stream tomorrow I'm gonna need to give my heart a little, rest and thanks for watching catch you next time good night. Everybody bye bye .